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Gmail is one of the most popular and highest used email service in the work. Gmail service is provided by Google. It is very easy to create email account in It may take less than 5 minutes to crate gmail email account. Basically you will be creating Google Account, which provides single sign on access to all Google products like Gmail, Google map, Google drive, YouTube, Google plus, and many more.

Create gmail account and Sign in

Prerequisites to create gmail account

You need to have following information to create gmail account successfully

  • Your first name and last name
  • Your Birth date
  • Your Mobile number
  • Your location

Step by step procedure to create Gmail email account

  1. Open any browser and type
  2. Sign in to continue to Gmail page will open.
  3. Click on Create account link in the bottom of the page
  4. Create your Google Account page will open
  5. Provide your First and Last name
  6. Type your desired email address which you want to create in Choose your username field
  7. Choose your password. Read how to choose strong password for gmail account
  8. Type your Birthday, Gender, and Mobile number
  9. You can provide current email address, which will be useful for password reset or email recovery
  10. Next Step is Verification: Either you can choose CAPTCHA verification or Mobile verification.


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